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HAA is a curing agent of low toxicity outdoor weather-resistant powder coating, which can be combined with carboxyl-terminated polyester or acrylic resin to form ester chain for crosslinking. HAA can be prepared into nontoxic, sterile a new type of powder coating with mutation has been widely used because of its environmental protection, safety and energy saving characteristics.



Test method


White powder


Melting range(℃)



Solid content(%)





HAA has excellent mechanical properties and weatherability, and can be crosslinked with carboxyl-containing polyester resin or acrylic resin to prepare weatherable powder coatings. Compared with TGIC, it has no toxicity and can be used to prepare outdoor weather-resistant powder coatings without toxicity, skin irritation and safety. However, due to the generation of water molecules during the reaction, it is not easy to coat. Is mainly used for preparing weather-resistant powder coatings without TGIC.

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