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Emergency shutdown from June 7, 2021, Epoxy, TGIC factory in Huangshan city will be affected.
Release time:2021-06-08 17:22:45 【back】

Accding to news from Huangshan District, Anhui Province, Shexian Circular Economy Park stopped steam supply at 10: 00 am on June 7, 2021 f the annual overhaul, which is expected to stop f about 15 days.

The circular economy park in Shexian County, Anhui Province, mainly focuses on the upstream and downstream development of powder coatings, and TGIC and epoxy resin are the upstream raw materials.

According to the data, the TGIC manufacturers including Huangshan Huahui Technology Co., Ltd. and, Huangshan Jingfeng Industrial Co., Ltd., the solid epoxy resin enterprises in Shexian Park include Shexian Youyi CHEMICALS Co., Ltd., Huangshan Tongxin Industrial Co., Ltd., Anhui Shanfu New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Huangshan Yuanrun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Huangshan Shexian Yongli Chemical Co., Ltd., etc.

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The epoxy resin production capacity in Shexian County accounts f 35%~40% of the Huangshan area and 15% of the total epoxy resin production capacity in China. The overhaul of the "largest boiler" in Shexian Park will inevitably have a certain impact on the supply of epoxy resin and TGIC in some areas.

In addition, there are some manufacturers producing other raw materials in the park, but according to the enterprises in the park, the production of polyester resin and HAA in the park are not affected by the boiler overhaul.

Chemical industries related to powder coatings, such as curing agents, epoxy resin, and titanium dioxide, have experienced ups and downs since this year. The supply of curing agents, epoxy resin, and titanium dioxide is very unstable due to multiple factors such as environmental protection, production stoppage, steam stoppage, and annual maintenance. Previously, due to tight supply, the price of products has risen. However, the centralized steam stoppage for half a month is expected to have an impact on the supply of products. With the above-mentioned chemical products, the recent market turmoil of various chemical products, such as parking for maintenance, power cut, and production cut, has greatly disturbed the balance between supply and demand in the industry.

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